The duties and responsibilities of production are carried out by the Production Department led by Vice President (VP) Production.The duties and responsibilities of distribution are carried out by Distribution Department, led by VP Distribution. Both VP Production and VP Distribution are under the supervision of Director of Operations.

Production Department is responsible to provide the entire raw materials and production auxiliary materials as well as the production process. The production department also involves the optimization of production facilities to support the production.

The production activities begins from processing of raw materials, consisting of a base oil from PT Pertamina (Persero) as well as additives from PT Pertamina (Persero) and PT Pertamina Lubricants. The raw materials are further processed into lubricants, grease, and specialties products.

Processing takes place at three domestic production units and one overseas production unit, namely:
1.Production Unit Jakarta (PUJ)
2.Production Unit Cilacap (PUC)
3.Production Unit Gresik (PUG)
4.Pertamina Lubricants Thailand

In 2015, technological upgrading was carried out for lubricants plant, especially at PUJ. However, the upgrading did not increase or decrease the production capacity of the plant.

In 2015 the Company operated PUJ that has been modernized to become the frst integrated plant in Southeast Asia. The existing plant facilities enable PUJ to produce lubricants, grease, specialties products and base oil. The installed LOBP production capacity increased to 270,000 KL/year.

The new plant of PUJ is supported by the use of modern blending technology, namely:

  • One unitof Automatic Batch Blending
  • One unit  of  Inline Blending
  • One  unit of Simultaneous Metering Blending

PUJ’s new plant has facilities of six lithos flling lines,four drum flling lines and four bulk flling lines. The modernization has made the new plant is operated automatically.

As of the end of 2015, PUJ production facilities consisted of:
1. Two units of LOBP plant
    Total installed capacity of 270,000 KL/year
2. One unit of grease plant
    Installed capacity of 8,000 MT/year.
3. One unit of viscosity modifer (VM) plant
    Additives production capacity of 14,000 KL/ year.

PUC consists of one unit of LOBP plant, with an installed capacity of 85,000 KL/year. PUC production process is
supported facilities as follows:

  • 11 units of blending tanks, with  capacity of  2,000-55,000 liters
  • Filling  facilities of five  lithos flling machines with four output lines, supported by a holding tank with total capacity of 171 KL
  • Filling facilities of five drum flling machines with two inlines and total production of 800 drums per day
  • Raw  material storage tank comprising:

a.Eight units of base oil storage tanks
b.Eight units of additive storage tank

The production process at PUG has already been carried out automatically using inline blending (ILB) and automatic
batch blending (ABB) technologies. With these two technologies, raw materials for the production of lubricants are processed automatically, since they are unloaded from the boat until they become ready to use products, which
are controlled from the control room.

The automated process of blending and flling has generated products with quality meeting the specifcations with superior quality consistency. With fully automated technology, the volume of flling is also more accurate and type of product can be recorded automatically. This technology also has advantage in high production speed.

PUG production facilities consist of:
• LOBP, with production capacity  of  120,000  KL/year
• VM Plant,  with    production    capacity    of    9,000    KL/year.

PUG support facilities:
• Storage tank of  raw materials (base oil and  additives),with capacity of 14,000 KL
• Storage tank of  fInished products, with capacity of  1,800 KL

Filling facilities:
a.Plastic bottles (lithos), four lines
b.209-liter drum,four lines

Each Production Unit is also equipped with production laboratory. The production laboratory is built to ensure quality lubricant product has complied with predetermined specifcation. Production laboratory facilities owned by PT Pertamina Lubricants are:
• Jakarta Production Laboratory    
• Cilacap Production Laboratory    
• Gresik Production Laboratory   

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