ENDURO MATIC-G SAE 20W-40 is a high quality automatic four stroke motor oils specially designed using semi synthetic base oil aimed for riders in the cities with a lot traffic jams and static road condition.

ENDURO MATIC-G SAE 20W-40 is available in Vol. 1L and 0.8L, according to your needs

ENDURO MATIC-G SAE 20W-40 has higher viscosity compared to another similar lubricants, so it can maintain the engine temperature, specially in the static and jammed roads


ENDURO MATIC-G SAE 20W-40 meets performance level JASO MB, Japanese standard for four stroke

matic motorcycle engine oil. On top of that, this oilalso meets API SL.


  • Have a high resistance to oxidation anddegradation due to heat radiation from engine soit can prolongs the lubricants service life

  • Have a high viscosity stability so it can protectthe engine all the time during services.

  • Have a relative low viscosity in low temperatureso it can directly protects the engine since theengine ignited


ENDURO MATIC G SAE 20W-40 is highly recommended for matic four stroke motor engines such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kanzen and others.