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SAE 10W-30

ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 is a high quality automatic motor oil formulated from a high quality synthetic oil base with moly additive to reduce friction at high temperatures and speeds.
ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 is available in Vol. 1L and 0.8L, according to your needs

ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 has lowviscosity to ease oil circulation and provide better fuel economy.
ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 is highlyrecommended to lubricate four stroke motorcycle
engine with dry clutch system


ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 has performancelevel JASO MB (approved), Japanese standard forfour stroke matic motorcycle engine oil. On top ofthat, this oil also meets API SL.


  • Contains moly additives in order to reducefriction at high temperature and speed.

  • Has SAE 10W-30 viscosity that is suitable forthe latest generation of motor engines; quicklystart under cold condition, better cooling effectand fuel efficiency.

  • Provides excellent protection for engines whichoperate under high speed condition.

  • Keeps engine clean.

  • Protects engine from corrosion and excessivewear


ENDURO MATIC SAE 10W-30 is highlyrecommended for matic four stroke motor engines such as Yamaha, Honda, Suzuki, Kanzen and others.