PRIMA XP SAE 20W, 30W, 40W, 50 

is a gasoline engine oilformulated from high quality base oil and additive,included RN additive


PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 has an International quality level of API SL.


  • Stable viscosity that gives optimum acceleration& engine protection during start up and hightemperature operation.

    Good durability against oxidation & hightemperature that prolongs oil lifetime.

    Prevents piston deposit formation and maintainengine cleanliness that prolongs enginelifetime.


PRIMA XP SAE 20W-50 lubricating oil isrecommended for application on the latest gasolineengine products. Vehicles with multivalves DOHC orTwin-Cam system are best suited for this lubricatingoil, which requiries lubricant of API SJ/CF and ACEAA2-96/ B2-98.