FASTRON TECHNO SAE 10W-40 is a premium quality engine oil formulated from synthetic base oil and selected additive with the highest performance level API Service Category; SN/CF.


FASTRON TECHNO SAE 10W-40 has an International quality level of API Service SN.


  • Reduce wear and keeps engine clean to keeps engine reliability.

    Synthetic base technology for longer oil drain interval

    Formulated with selected additive that support fuel economy and exhaust after treatment technology.

    Low friction to minimize engine noise and optimize engine power.

    Low oil volatility, so the need for oil top-up is reduced.


FASTRON TECHNO SAE 10W-40 is highly recommended for latest car generation from the leading car manufacturers that required low SAPS engine oil (SAPS Solfated Ash, Posphorus, and Sulphur)